The 5 best Turkish novels of all times


The phenomenon of Turkish “binge-watching” has gained great popularity in Mexico, conquering the main streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube, TvAsteca.

Turkish series and soap operas, due to their plot and cast, have a great impact among Mexicans. Check out 5 tips and find out where to watch right now:

5. Love 101

In a high school, young Osman, Eda, Sinan and Kerem have always felt out of place and are known for their bad behavior at the institution. The only person who defends them and prevents their expulsion is Professor Burcu.

However, they discover that she is about to be transferred. Determined to prevent their departure, they decide to appeal to the marriage law, which allows women, after getting married, to choose their place of work without being subject to transfers. However, Burcu doesn’t even have a boyfriend.

To change this situation, the group of friends decides to help the teacher fall in love with someone in Istanbul. The chosen target is the school’s new and shy teacher, Kemal.

To do this, they have the help of Işık, a diligent and kind student. What unfolds from this plan will redefine friendships, relationships, and even the way everyone involved views life.

Available on: Netflix

4. Hatirla Gönül

Fatmanur is a beautiful and kind music teacher, while Kadir is a literature teacher, always dedicated to the education of his students.

The passion between them is instantaneous when they meet, and what develops from that meeting is a romance that makes the viewer’s heart sigh.

However, the couple’s plans to get married face several adversities. Fatmanur’s father does not accept the relationship and Kadir is forced to move to Istanbul, where he faces the challenges posed by his new students.

Despite the difficulties, the two continue fighting for this love.

Available on: YouTube

3. Shahmaran

This 2023 Turkish soap opera presents us with the story of Sahsu. The young woman’s mother was abandoned by her grandfather many years ago.

As an adult, Sahsu decides to return to the city of Adana to confront her mother’s father. However, her plans are interrupted when she finds herself involved in strange events related to a mysterious legend.

Upon arriving in the city, he meets a native community called Mar, who consider themselves descendants of Shahmaran, a half-woman, half-snake entity, seen as one of the greatest symbols of love and wisdom.

Unknown to Sahsu, the seas were awaiting his arrival to complete an ancient prophecy. His life changes forever when he meets Maran, a young man considered “the chosen one” of the prophecy.

Available on: Netflix

2. Erkenci Kuş

If you have heard a little about Turkish series, it is very likely that you know Erkenci Kuş. This series became a phenomenon on YouTube, where the episodes were available and reached millions of views. The plot revolves around the potential (and unlikely) couple Sanem and Can.

Sanem dreams of becoming a writer, however, she is forced to accept a job at an advertising agency to avoid an arranged marriage.

Can, in turn, is one of the children of the owner of the agency. Although he is passionate about photography, he is called to take charge of the company when his father faces health problems.

The two meet at a company event and, from there, each episode leaves us waiting to see how the romance becomes a reality.

1. Terzi

In 2023, Netflix introduced a new Turkish soap opera titled “Terzi” into its catalog, which quickly earned a place among the most viewed productions in several countries.

In the plot we are introduced to Peyami, a renowned tailor who inherits the business from his grandfather, from whom he also inherited his talent for the trade. In addition to dealing with the pain of losing a loved one, Peyami faces a dark family secret, revealed after receiving the inheritance.

Things get even more complicated when Esvet, the fiancée of Peyami’s best friend, comes to him to ask for her wedding dress. However, the three share big secrets, and now unexpected feelings begin to arise between them.

Available on: Netflix